Best Paper Presentation - Competition criteria:

Papers will be evaluated on Quality of Slides; Presentation skills; Clarity of message and adherence to time allocated.

Best Poster Competion:

Quality of scientific content; visual impact; clarity of message. 5 marks each.  Prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded.Video & Photo Sharing Competition

Please note all delegates will have the opportunity to share photos and videos taken on field trips and throughout the conference by sharing their photos on the Global Change 2014 Face book page.

This photo/ video sharing and feedback session will be on Thursday 2 December between 11h45 and 12h45 in the Plenary Venue (South Campus Auditorium).

Video Competiton

We are running a competition at the conference for students who participate in the field trips during the event. Prizes will be awarded.


1. What you need to do:

Make a team of two or three people (no more). On any one of the conference field trips record a video on your smartphone on the field trip. The goal is to produce a record of the experience. Include the range of activities / events / personalities that you encounter on the trip and narrate the story of the field trip and the messages and lessons learned from the experience. The video should be edited to no longer than 10 minutes in duration. Post-recording editing is permitted (if you want to improve it a bit).

2. How you enter

All the videos must be shared on the Global Change 2014  facebook page  before 12h00 Wednesday 3 December.

Make sure you include the names of the people involved in the video  in the comment field (who qualify for the prize).

3. How judgement will be made

The Conference organising committee will vote for the winning video. It will be published along with the conference proceedings and the winners will get the prize emailed to them. They will be judged on:

Content quality: 50%

Impact of the story: 25%

Production quality: 25%