Field Trips

Useful for those taking part in the Debate on Tuesday:



The following 4 Field Trips were selected as they were the most popular and the first to be fully subscribed. We apologise to those who had hoped to attend any of the others.


All field trips will depart from Coach Parking on Aloe Road, South Campus NMMU


Energy Security Field Trip

07h30: Arrival for 09h00 departure

08h00: Departure by bus from South Campus, Blunden Coach Parking – Aloe Road

1. 09h00 - Wind turbines (Van Stadens) (Afri-Coast Engineers)

2. 10h00 – 11h30 - Crossways experimental off the grid rural village (close to Van Staden Bridge)
3. 12h30: Thyspunt. Nuclear site  and packed lunch

14h30: Return to NMMU

Return to NMMU 14h30


Guides: Drs Viera Wagener, Bastien Linol, Maarten de Wit


Time permitting visit:

NMMU Biofuel Laboratory at Invoventum (Institute for Chemical Technology; Algae experiments)

Presentation on Marine Energy (waves, tides etc) by Dr Eckart Schumann

Solar Power - Photovoltaics (PV) at NMMU Centre for Energy Research              (http://energy.nmmu.ac.za/)


Field guide (with Maps) and packed lunch will be provided


Global Change in action: Industrial & Socio economic Development in Coega and the Port of Ngqura

08h30: Arrival for 09h00 departure

09h00: Departure by bus from South Campus, Blunden Coach Parking – Aloe Road

10h00: Meet at the CDC Head Offices to start with a tour from zone 1 of the IDZ and continue to have presentation at the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Auditorium.

You will be taken through the IDZ. The IDZ has 14 different zones, 11 500 hectares of land customised for heavy, medium and light industries serviced sites. The tour will basically provide you with an overview of the IDZ operations, the work that the CDC is doing and the pipeline for the near future.

14h30: Return to NMMU


Guide: Neville Sweijd


ACCESS students will accompany this group; in their own bus; departing at the same time.


Ecological Gradients and Biodiversity in the Eastern Cape

08h25 – meet at lecture venue G04  in building 35 for a pre-fieldtrip Google Earth tour.

09h15 – depart NMMU. Distance to first stop: 117km (~1h30min).

10h45 – First stop: 20 min (at the furthest point, and then working back from there).

11h10 – Second stop: 20 min

12h00 – Stop 3 and 2 km hike to lunch spot.

 General discussion about biome boundaries over lunch.

13h30 – Start heading back.

14h00 – Stop in at Nanaga farm stall (home of the famous lamb and mint pie, and pineapple juice)

14h30 – Leave Nanaga

15h45 – Arrive back at NMMU


Please remember to bring: hats, sunscreen, water and a notebook.


Leader: Dr Alastair J. Potts (082 491-7275; potts.a@gmail.com)


Eastern Cape Conservation and Tourism (Addo Elephant National Park)

08h00: Arrival for 08h30 departure

08h30: Departure, drive to Colchester entrance

First Stop at Hapoor

Jacks Picnic spot for lunch

Drive through the main camp to the rest camp interactive centre.

17h00: Return to NMMU

Guide: Clayton Weatherhall-Thomas (083 401 8091)