Keynote Speakers

We will engage keynote speakers as efficiently as possible, using technology to avoid expensive and carbon-heavy travel arrangements, and inviting internationally and nationally recognised local speakers.

Our plenary speaker has taken shape nicely, with some exciting talks lined up from leading national and international scientists in global change research, including Prof Robert Constanzo, Professors Richard Cowling and Bob Scholes and others. Details below.

Plenary speakers

Tuesday 2 December: Robert Costanza

Wednesday 3 December: Plenary session:  "Transforming ideas and practices in global change science and practice"

08:15 David Bell

Title: "Change, transformation, and the evolution of complex systems"

08:45 Karen Esler

Title: "Trans-disciplinarity in ecological restoration: scaling up and drilling down"

09:15 Peter Lukey

Title: "Transforming the deadlock between development and sustainability in South Africa"

09:45  Phindile Lukhele-Olorunju and Theresa Moyo

Title:  "Mainstreaming Gender and Socio-Cultural Paradigms in Global Change Research"

Thursday 4 December: Plenary session title: "Uniquely South African challenges and perspectives in Global Change Science and practice"

08:15 Richard Cowling

Title: "Human origins in southern Africa: the role of climate and environment in supporting early modern human persistence"

08:45 William Bond

Title: "Ecological tipping points in a changing environment: A southern African perspective"

09:15 Saliem Fakir

Title: "Energy futures for South Africa and their socio-economic and environmental implications"

09:45 Bob Scholes

Title: "Science and politics in the IPCC: Unpacking the 5th Assessment report"