Presentation Requirements for Speakers

Dear Presenter

Many thanks, once again, for supporting the 2nd National Conference on Global Change 2014.

Please refer to the attached programme that will indicate the date and time of your presentation. Including which session and venue you are presenting in. (Venues are South Campus Auditorium and Building 123 which includes 3 respective lecture halls: 123 007; 123 0002; 0026). See map provided.

Presentation Requirements:

  • All papers are to be presented using only Microsoft PowerPoint recent versions or oldest version will be PowerPoint 2007
  • We accept all fonts that are STANDARD in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Microsoft 7.
  • We suggest that you prepare your presentation in 1024 x 768 resolutions
  • Either PC or Apple Mac format is acceptable
  • Should your presentation be in a different software format, please notify Magnetic Storm on site when you register.
  • Please make sure that all embedded files/video clips are saved as independent files
  • All presentation pictures to be saved as JPEG
  • Use pictures as embedded objects, not as linked files
  • Video and Audio objects are allowed as embedded objects
  • Ensure that all relevant Codecs for Movie Clips are included with presentation
  • All presentations are to be saved onto a CD Rom or Flash Stick and handed to the Conference Audio Visual Co-ordinator – Magnetic Storm in the Speaker Prep Venue, Hall G01, Bld 35 - 24hours prior to your presentation. Please provide your presentations by 17h00 the day before your presentation. Magnetic Storm technicians will be available in Building 35, Hall G01, South Campus and will be clearly sign posted.
  • All CD’s/ DVD’s/ Flash Sticks must be clearly marked with your:
    • Name (last name):
    • Date:
    • Time / Session:
    • Title of your talk:
  • Each presentation should be saved on to a separate CD/DVD, if not using a Flash Stick.
  • Please inform the technician if you have audio and video so that it can be tested before speaking
  • The Speakers Prep room for speakers is located in Building 35, Hall G01 and it will be clearly signposted.
  • There will be a PC available for you in the Speakers Prep room to preview your presentation prior to your allocated slot. It is not necessary to bring your own laptop for the presentation – your presentation will be loaded on the server network 24 hours prior to your presentation.
  • Magnetic Storm will be in the plenary or parallel venues each day from 08h00 and he will assist you if required. All CD/DVD presentations can be collected directly after your presentation is loaded in the speaker prep room.
  • The Speaker Prep Room in Building 35, Hall G01 will be open Sunday between 15h00 and 17h00 and daily during the conference (Mon-Wed) from 07h30 until 17h00, closing at 15h30 on Thursday should you want to make any changes to your presentation prior to it being loaded.
  • On Sunday 30 November, 15h00-17h00 and  Monday 1 December, 08h00 – 17h00, the Prep room will be open for the Tuesday morning speakers especially.
  • Please confirm with the technician that you are happy for your presentation to be made available on the Global Change Website.
  • Your presentation will be driven by you from the podium. On the podium you will find a preview monitor with your presentation pre-loaded. A Wireless Remote Laser Pointer & Slide Progressor will enable you to either advance or return to your previous slide(s). The forward and return keys will be clearly indicated on the remote.
  • You will be provided with the option of using a fixed or cordless microphone at the podium.
  • All presentations will have to adhere to strict timings (12 minutes for presentation & 3 minutes for discussion) and you will be notified by coloured lights flashing re your remaining time that you have left to conclude your talk. This will be done as follows:  
  1. Green light will indicate that you are still within the allocated time.
  2. Amber light will indicate sum-up time (ie 3min remaining)
  3. Red light presentation should be terminated. This light will also flash and the timer will count upward from zero.

Day of your Presentation:

The dress code for the meeting is casual.
Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session to become familiar with the room and audiovisual equipment.