The conference presentations and posters will be grouped according to a fairly broad set of themes which have emerged from our consultation with the community via the original expression of interest. These themes should provide a guideline for where to position your submission. We will take cognizance of abstracts submitted under theme 10 “Other global change theme not specified above” when finalizing the theme structure for the conference sessions. Based on submissions received, final session themes will be determined and communicated promptly via the website, which is an advantage of the electronic conference documentation approach.

These are the broad themes envisaged so far:

1.  Fundamental science of global change and geobiodynamics (including observation and modelling of climatic, physical and biogeochemical systems and their interactions)

2.  Paleo- biological, paleo-anthropological and paleo-ecological aspects of global change

3.  Global change and the sectoral implications (including human settlements, human health and well being, marine and coastal systems and resources, biodiversity and ecosystem services and their conservation, agriculture and food security, hydrology and water resources)

4.  Global change technologies, methodologies and tools (including adaptation, mitigation, and bio/geo-engineering)

5.  Global change economics

6.  Global change, environmental education and social learning

7.  Sustainability and development (poverty alleviation, urban development, water, agriculture,  food security, energy, and their integration)

8.  Earth stewardship science and ethics

9.  Trans-disciplinary/Inter-disciplinary research approaches

10. Other global change theme not specified above.